Mole Removal Methods – Photo Ninthe Guide 101

Moles are nothing but accumulated pigment cells which appear to resemble dark spots on the skin. They develop on both the upper and lower layer of the skin and thus treatments are provided accordingly. There are various shapes, color and sizes of moles on the human body and they can be caused due to many reasons. Moles can gradually even develop into various health issues one of them notable being skin cancer. People generally look forward to removing the moles to look better. When it comes to mole removal the things that pop up in our minds are mole removal cost, various methods, and side effects. The following are few of the best ways of getting a mole removed to live a healthy and worry-free life.

1) Surgical Excision

Surgical excision is the most widely followed methods of extracting more from a body. This procedure involves the mole located region on the body to be numbed using a sedative and cleaned thoroughly as to avoid any form of infection. Then a scalp is used to remove the unwanted skin lesion. Once the mole is removed, the place is usually stitched in severe cases, which will then involve the patient to revisit the doctor after a week to take off the stitches, but this does not imply in the case of dissolving stitches as they dissolve on their own without leaving any form of scar.

2) Laser removal

When it comes to removing moles from places like the face, not a lot of risk can be taken. Thus in tricky places such as these getting a laser removal done is a  highly recommended option. This form of treatment does not leave any form scar on the person and can be used to remove even the tiniest moles. The laser removes the color of the mole and thus it is essential to get the mole tested as to see whether it qualifies for laser removal treatment or not.

3) Cauterization

Getting a Cauterization done is one of the most highly resulting methods of getting one’s mole removed, but the drawback to this is that it leaves behind a mark which can be easily be noticed, as it’ll be different than the regular skin tone. This method involves burning the blemish at its base and is extremely recommended for removal of raised moles.

4) Shaving

This method is commonly used when a mole is required to be tested and analyzed. It is essential to utilize a qualified professional to do this as even a slight miss hap can be catastrophic. Only under very few circumstances do people require stitches after this procedure, otherwise it can delt easily.

4) Radiofrequency

Using radio frequency is a combination of both shaving the mole and getting it cauterized at the same time. The device which is used to perform this type of surgery is called as the Ellman Radiosurgery electrode loop and is commonly used as it leaves behind very little scarring and also as it provides an even skin tone to the operated area.

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